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We'll go over the specific details of your credit history with you and identify what items in your history are damaging your credit score. We understand that every credit situation is different. That's why we will create a customized plan around your credit goals.  This plan will raise your credit score and educate you on maintaining good credit for the rest of your life.  At KCR we use the fastest, most effective approach to credit repair.


By using the proper techniques for opening/ closing credit card accounts, paying bills, and controlling monthly expenses.  You'll learn  how to build and maintain a positive credit score.  Once all negative items are removed your Personal Credit Advisor will analyze your report again. Then we will teach you how to manage your finances; So you'll have a positive credit score for the rest of your life.

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Like it or not Debt and Credit is the one thing that effects all of us. Lenders use a number of factors to make credit decisions, such as the amount of debt you can reasonably handle given your income, your employment history, your credit report, and your FICO® Score. Landlords also use credit to decide whether to rent to you. If you don't have good credit, you can get denied for an apartment. Many employers conduct credit checks as a part of the hiring process. If you haven’t demonstrated financial responsibility, a prospective employer might be hesitant to hire you. A low credit score can trigger higher interest rates costing you thousands of dollars a year in overpaid interest, prevent you from qualifying for a loan, getting a apartment and starting your career. The bottom line is Good Credit creates opportunities and bad credit will limit your freedom.

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