Our Approach

Repairing your credit is the most important financial decision you can make.  At KCR we’ll assign you a Personal Credit Advisor that will put you on the path to financial freedom.  We will teach you to make long-lasting financial changes that will give you access to your dreams.

Our Story

Growing up I never understood how credit worked or the importance of maintaining a good credit score. As I got older I realized a lot of people were just as clueless about credit as I was.  Like most Americans I had bills piling up, renting,  20% APR car loan, and needed a co- signer for just about everything. I was 32 when I decided to repair my credit. It took me several  years to learn how to repair credit the right way, but I brought my credit score up 248 points over that time.  So with my new found knowledge I began helping my family, and friends.  I started getting faster and more effective with each client.  I was not only repairing their credit, but educating them on maintaining a good credit score for the rest of their life.  Shortly thereafter Kensington Credit Repair was born.  Your future starts now.  Sign Up Today!

Next Steps…

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